Saturday, April 4, 2015

The House Across the Street

Hey guys and dolls!

I have lived on my street for a little under 18 years, and like most streets around the area where I live there is always that one house you never see anyone visit or even leave. As a child growing up I was always told by the older kids that the house was haunted, and that a murder took place there. Mostly the typical things that teenagers use to torment children. Well recently I noticed people coming and going out of the house, curiously but naively I went over to see if they needed help "being a friendly neighbor", but mainly it was because I was being nosy. I found out that the old lady that was living there had passed away sadly, and that the family planned on selling all the items in the house and invited me to come. I of course gave my respects to the family, and then said I would definitely come since I've never been to an estate sale.

So the day comes that estate sale is taking place. I dragged my mom with me since I felt slightly uneasy about going in to a house with people I have only talked to on one occasion. We walked in and made small talk with the daughter of the older lady that had passed away. She started going on about what was in the house and some of things that they had up for sale.

That's when the adventure had begun. I have been to several yard sales, and had a knack for finding different kitsch things, and vintage treasures. I had 4 levels of house to cover and I felt like I was in heaven. On the second floor was when I found the love of my life. A 1940s bed set that belonged to the owner of the house, and the price tag said 40 dollars. 40 dollars I thought to myself, that's awfully cheap for this beautiful set, then another thought came to my mind. Someone may buy this and end up ruining it, instead of caring for it like I would and respect the craftsmanship that went into making it. So my mom turned into my personal handler as she carried around this big box filled with pink and white cloth.
Here is the pattern of the the bed set, with my cat Sky in the corner. I am to worried to spread it all out just yet, but once I do I will post a better photo.
I rummaged around in a few more rooms when I found something I could not leave without. Have you ever had that feeling when you hold something in your hand that you just have to have it? Well that's how I felt when I picked up this mirror and bush set. As soon as I picked it I had this feeling that it was meant to be mine, and that I could not leave the place without so it went home with me especially since it was only 10 dollars. Strangely though that night something made me watch Vincent Price's House On Haunted Hill, which is a movie I usually save for Halloween. As I was watching I noticed something eerily strange, his wife in the movie uses a brush and mirror that looks somewhat like the set I bought earlier in the day. Have you ever bought something vintage and seen something similar is an old movie?

Next time you watch A House on Haunted Hill look for my brush set! ;)
So a few weeks later they opened the house up again to sell more items that did not sell the first time around. So excited about my bed set and brush set I decided to venture over there again. I talked to the family and told them about how I was so excited about my recent purchases, and just talked with them a bit. They learned how much I loved vintage items and presented me with a never used before vanity set that was from the International Silver Company, and vintage hats that belonged to the mother. I nearly died from excitement seeing these beauties.

I feel like a vintage vixen when I use this set. ;)
I sadly do not know the years of these hats were made. I only know that the old lady wore these out when going to special occasions during the late 50s up to the 70s. That is about the only thing the family really told me about the hats. I got these for 15 dollars and could not be any happier with them. I have started to wear all of them expect the pink one since I do not own anything vintage that is pink.

Vintage hats galore! 
I also bought a vintage dress and skates, but I do not have pictures of those. The dress is currently being altered by my amazing grandma, and the skates are being repaired by my wonderful father so I can attempt to use them. 

Please let me know about any of your vintage finds! I love seeing what other people find while treasure hunting. 


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