Friday, April 3, 2015

Pin Up on a Budget Part 1

Hey guys and dolls! 

The one things I hear most from women is that they cannot afford the vintage style, and I can agree especially since I'm a college student living on a set income. There is hope though, especially for those who just want to take the style for a test drive, before fully committing and spending tons of money. So today I've decided to create a mini series of posts to help those who are on a tight budget for pin up clothing and accessories, some may disagree with some of things I pick out which is fine. This is not meant to tell you want to buy or like, merely just to point you in the right direction.

Please remember that I am not being paid or anything of that manner from the stores you are about to see, they are just places that I or my friends have used before and had good results.

So we will begin at the head. I'm found and DIY are your best friends when it comes to hair accessories. You can use Amazon, and eBay as well, but sometimes you do not get the best quality from my experience.

First we will start with hair flowers.

Model: Cara Mia
Photographer: Mark Coffin
For these I usually just make my own hair flowers. I usually just go to any dollar store, find flowers that fit the piece that I want to make, glue a little bit of felt onto the back of the flowers to ensure they do not fall apart and then glue them onto clips. There you go you have just made hair flowers.

If you do not want to make them yourself or do not have the time. Then here are two shops I have found on that I have used before, or know people that have.

Project Pinup - I have personally never used this store, but a girlfriend of mine who likes pin up with an edge uses this store for all her accessories and recommends them to everyone. They are not your typical cheesecake pin up, but pin up with edgy/nerdy flare which is awesome if that fits your style.

Voodoo Betty's Boutique - This shop is located in the London, UK, but do ship worldwide. I have never personally used them, but heard girls raving about them while I was a tiki event so I had to check them out. They have a mix of edgy, and cheesecake hair flowers so everyone can find something that fits them in this shop. They are a little pricier, but still not super high and from seeing the accessories they are well made, and worth the few extra dollars.

There are just two of the many stores that are out there that sell hair flowers, so go out there and explore! 

Next are bows.

A bit of vintage humor. ;)
For these I normally buy them, since I can't make a perfect bow. There are tutorials on Pinterest that tell you how to make bows, if you want to try and make them yourself.

On to the etsy shops!

Rockabilly Revolt - This is my go to for bows! I love the how simple the bows are, and how you can get bottle cap buttons with your favorite characters on them. I use these bows to sneak a bit of my nerdy side, but still keep the classic vintage look.

Caitlin's Bowtique - I have used this shop a few times just for simple bows, and I have never had a problem. They do not carry a lot of bows per say, by they do offer bows that have the vintage look, and come in several colors to match anything you may own.

Then there Fascinators.

Model: Idda Van Munster
Photographer: Muna Nazak Photography
I personally am not a fan of fascinators since I use hair flowers and bows to dress up my hair, but I know a few of my friends live by them. So I figured I would include them on the list. I have not shopped at these stores, but I have friends that have.

Amy Wonderland -  This store sells almost all hair accessories, on top of fascinators. So this could be a one stop shop if you like the products. My friend Emily posts about them all the time, and talks about how the quality is amazing. Also 10% of your order is given to the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association, so it's a win win!

Lovely Millinery - If you would rather make your own fascinators, you can always visit lovely Millinery to buy the bases for tear drop fascinator and get creative! 

Hatshadows -  Another store that you can buy fascinator bases in different shapes if tear drop ones are not really your taste. 

On those lazy days there are Snoods and bandannas/hair scarfs.

Snoods make life easier. ;)
I absolutely love snoods, and hair scarfs! They allow me to have that vintage flair in my hair, without all the work for a vintage hair style. I use these if i'm just running out and do not really want to do anything to my hair or just to spice up a pony tail.

VivaDulceMarina - I have used this store before for both snoods, and hair scarfs. Both of which I was pleased with. They offer a wide selections of snoods, and hair scarfs so you are bound to find something that fits with your wardrobe.

If you have any other stores that you by snoods or hair scarfs please leave a comment to let others know since I have only used VivaDulceMarina before.

Then lastly there are hats.

For hats, I usually try to buy vintage ones when I am out thrift store shopping for cheap. I found etsy stores to be a little to steep for my blood.

If you do know a store that sells vintage or vintage reproduction for a decent price, please drop a comment and let everyone know!

*All images used are from Pinterest and belong to their owners, unless said otherwise as my own.


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